The smart, professional solution to optimise air quality and climate

Shelly Air


Connect Shelly AIR directly to a Wi-Fi network, without the need of any additional controller.

Anti-virus & bacteria technology

UV-C air purifier with filter and powerful UV-C LEDs. Eliminates over 95% of viruses and bacteria without the use of chemicals.

100% Safe

An air purifier that doesn’t contain mercury or any other dangerous chemicals and doesn’t create poisonous ozone.

Easy maintenance

9000h of work capacity, long-lasting and easy to maintain. The app will automatically tell you when it's time to replace reactor components.

Control remotely

Control any electrical appliance at home via your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.

Highly compatible

Compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Control your Shelly AIR with your voice.

Why Shelly Air

Improving air quality in offices, shops and public transport is essential as it can negatively impact society’s health. Shelly AIR is a long-lasting UV-C air purifier for professional use with filter and germicidal ultraviolet light that eliminates dust, pollen, allergens, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens. It provides usage time, filter, fan, and UV-C LED replacement reminders to handle any air quality problem.

How and why uv-c light kills viruses

UV-C light disrupts the DNA of viruses, bacteria, and pathogens, preventing them from multiplying and causing disease. To be effective, Shelly AIR has extremely powerful UV-C LEDs and reflective sutfaces inside, reducing the distance between the radiated energy and potential viruses and bacteria. In this way, they die for a much shorter time.

Protecting healthcare facilities

For hospitals and for surgeries to be performed better, it is essential to keep indoor air quality safe for those with weak immune systems and the air free from harmful particles. Many viruses and bacteria, spreading through the air as hospital-acquired infections are resistant to antibiotics. Shelly AIR destroys up to 95% airborne viruses and bacteria within seconds, even the ones that cause tuberculosis.

How it works

Made of 98% аluminum, Shelly AIR can be installed almost anywhere. The product can be easily modified as required by the premises. Just put it anywhere you think air quality is poor or where you want to eliminate infectious germs. Download the Shelly Cloud application and add your Shelly AIR.

Quality of air like never before

Poor air quality, combined with large groups of people, increases the chances of disease spreading. By recirculating and purifying the air in industrial places and public transport with Shelly AIR, airborne pollutants get removed from the air, and air pollution and the chances of infection are reduced.

Flu & virus prevention

The spread of gems in industrial enterprises can be easily avoided not only by disinfecting crowded areas and encouraging staff to wash their hands and cover their nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. Shelly AIR effectively wipes out up to 95% of flu and airborne microbes in occupied spaces, and therefore protects occupants from infection.

The best air quality for your factory

Shelly AIR is equipped with a filter that can capture dust, pollen, microbes, allergens, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens. Shelly AIR is easy to use, requires minimal maintenance, and provides the best air quality possible.

A wide variety of applications

Shelly AIR is safe, effective and economical. It is an excellent solution for air purification in offices, public transport, shops, food processing and manufacturing factories, bakeries, homeless shelters, prisons, auditoriums, waiting rooms, hospitals and other public facilities.