Flood sensor with temperature measurement

Shelly Flood


Connect Shelly Flood directly to your Wi-Fi network, without the need of any additional controller.

Stay flood free

You will receive a notification immediately if there is any liquid detected by Shelly Flood.

Temperature control

Be aware of temperature fluctuations and keep your floor heating at the desired temperature.

Easy to use

The only thing you need to manage all your Shelly Flood is a mobile phone and the Shelly Cloud app.

Long-lasting battery

Feel more comfortable with Shelly Flood’s long-lasting battery life of up to 18 months.

Free history on cloud

All temperature measurements of Shelly Flood are recorded for up to one year.

Wire free

Place the sensor anywhere at your home where unpleasant events may occur.

Monitor remotely

Monitor you home, no matter where you are via the Shelly Cloud app and your phone.

Why Shelly Flood

With Shelly Flood, you can monitor not only the temperature of your home but also receive an instant notification if there is water or liquid leakage is detected.

Compact design that fits anywhere

Shelly Flood is just a piece of art combining harmonious design with advanced technology. The small size of the sensor allows it to be placed anywhere at your home, where there is even a slight chance of water leakage.

Not only a water detector

Shelly flood is a smart sensor that not only detects leaks and water but also measures temperature. Now you will always be aware of temperature fluctuations at home and be able to keep your floor heating at the desired temperature.

365 day history

Shelly Flood records all temperature measurements for up to one year, so you can always check the data for your home.

How It Works?

No installation or wiring needed! Just put your sensor anywhere you think there is a chance for leaks. Download the Shelly Cloud application and add your Shelly Flood sensor. Now you will always be notified when there is any water in the wrong places.

Battery life up to 18 months

A perfect design combined with a long-lasting battery that keeps your mind sane and your home safe. Never be worried about your home when you are away.

Floor heating control

Floor heating creates coziness and comfort during the cold seasons. Use yours only when you need it with Shelly Flood. This tiny device allows you to adjust the temperature of your floor heating system while maximizing energy efficiency


One application countless possibilities

With the best cloud service in the world, user-friendly interface, scenes, bulk control, and much more, the Shelly Cloud application allows you to control your home from anywhere. Each Shelly can be integrated and works with all other Shelly devices in the Shelly app.


For Developers

Shelly Flood is open to the world and developers. Shellys are secured but at the same time give everyone the opportunity to use them easily in new and existing projects. With the embedded web server and the HTTP commands Shelly can be made compatible with your existing home automation system.

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