Shelly gas cng and lpg sensor

Shelly gas cng

Shelly gas lpg


Connect Shelly GAS directly to your Wi-Fi network, without the need of any additional controller.

Gas sensor

A smart gas sensor that can detect Natural Gas or Liquefied petroleum gas, monitoring your household’s safety.

Flame resistant

With a flame resistant shell, Shelly GAS will be always there for you.

Smart alerts

Sound and light alarm with app notification. When gas concentration drops to a safe level, the device returns to detection mode.

Monitoring from everywhere

Control Shelly GAS directly from your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are.

Highly compatible

Compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and home automation servers using MQTT, CoAP, and REST API.

Why Shelly Gas

Many home appliances are dependent on natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, but not many homes have sensory detection for gas leaks, which can be dangerous. Shelly GAS can detect either Natural Gas or LP Gas and help you provide additional protection for your home and family. Its long life span, little sensitivity drift, and Wi-Fi technology allow you always to know if gas is threatening your home

Compact design combining art and technology

Dangerous gas leaks can occur anywhere in your home, but not all gas detectors can be put everywhere. That’s why we designed Shelly GAS to be super compact in size. It can be used anywhere, and if you suspect a leak, just plug in the device, and put your mind at ease.


Almost all of us use Liquefied petroleum gas or Natural gas-powered appliances at home and enjoy their convenience and efficiency. But only a few take measures to protect themselves from possible dangerous gas leaks. Shelly GAS helps you protect your home from LPG or CNG leakage and alarms you immediately.

Ensure kids safety

With our busy everyday lives, sometimes we have to leave the kids alone at home. To be at peace that they are safe from unexpected events, use Shelly GAS. The device will immediately send you a notification when there is even a small gas leakage.

With the elderly in mind

Elderly people often forget to close the gas valve when done with cooking. Also, due to an impaired sense of smell, they may not notice gas leaks. With Shelly GAS, you can be in peace as it will immediately alert you if there is even a small concentration of natural gas or LP gas at your home.

Electric gas valve control

Valves take care of the proper operation and safety of gas appliances. Sometimes though, gas leakage may occur. When Shelly GAS detects a gas leak, it can be set to immediately close the gas valve, so you no longer worry about gas leakages.

smart alerts

With Shelly GAS's intelligent alerts, you will know if the device is working or not, warming up, or whether the gas leakage is slight or heavy. If gas levels become dangerous, Shelly GAS flashes a red light and sounds a loud alarm, so you and your family can safely leave the area.

Remote control and notifications

Shelly GAS will keep you aware of your home safety, no matter where you are. If the device detects any threat, it will immediately send a notification to your smartphone through the Shelly Cloud app, while simultaneously flashing a light and sound alarm in the room where it is installed.

Your kitchen’s best friend

If you have been cooking and forget to close the valve of your gas stove, your home can quickly fill with explosive gas. Prevent this and fire hazards by simply plugging in a Shelly GAS in your kitchen area and avoid danger.

smart scenes

Shelly GAS can be placed almost anywhere - in the kitchen, in your bathroom, etc. Just put the device anywhere you think there is even a slight chance for gas leakage, and create your scenes for when gas is detected - windows can be opened, doors unlocked, or lights turned on.