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Shelly Uni

Universally small

With the ideal size of 20 x 33 x 13mm (0.78 x 1.29 x 0.5 in), Shelly UNI is the smallest universal module that can make any old appliance smart.

Universally flexible power supply

Shelly UNI can be powered with the wide range of 12V-36V DC and 12V-24V AC.

Universally digital inputs

Includes 2 digital inputs, which can be support differing voltages and work separately from 2.2-36V DC and 12-24V AC.

Universal outputs

The two potential-free outputs allow control from inputs or separately, and can switch up to 36VAC and 24VDC, with a maximum current of 100 mA each.

Universal ADC

The ADC range can measure any voltage from 0 to 30 VDC. Dual ranges from 0-12V and 12-30V give exceptionally high accuracy.

Universal Temperature & Humidity sensors

Shelly UNI supports up to 3xDS18B20 temperature sensors or 1Х humidity sensors, making it possible to trigger outputs, local and cloud scenes.

Universal protocols

Out of the box, Shelly UNI supports REST, MQTT, CoAP, Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung Smart Things, making it highly compatible with all major home automation platforms.

Universal resistance

Even though there is no plastic cube, the transparent insulation cover over the chip protects it from high humidity, dust, and the threat of short circuits during its long working hours.

Extra small and extra safe

This tiny device can fit everywhere you desire. Even though there is no plastic box surrounding it, the transparent cover over the chip insulates and protects it from any possible dangers to the device or your home appliances!

Flexibility with no limits

The two available digital inputs allow for the detection of any voltage from 0 to 36V and automatically send a notification to your phone, activating a scene of Shelly Cloud, or switching on the outputs.

You can connect your Shelly to your old doorbell and give it intelligent functions, such as receiving a notification to your phone every time somebody is ringing your door.

Monitor anything

The Dual range of Shelly UNI enables you to connect any analog sensor and measure it. Connect your liquid level sensor to Shelly UNI and measure the level of, or even automate the filling system.

Dual potential-free outputs

The Shelly UNI has 2 potential-free outputs that can switch up to 36VDC and 100 mA. No more waiting around in the morning for your coffee machine to heat its water and prepare your coffee! Just connect it to Shelly UNI and switch it on remotely as you please, or on a set schedule.

The cheapest way to measure temperature no matter where you are

Shelly UNI supports the most popular temperature sensor DS18B20, which can be used practically anywhere around the world.

If you want to monitor your pool, decking, and air temperature all together, just connect the 3xDSB18D20 to Shelly UNI and enjoy.


Power control, Lights control, Door state, Air temperature, Water temperature, Water level monitor, Leakage

The wide range of power supply and flexibility makes Shelly UNI the best choice for monitoring and controlling your camper. Make it as comfortable as being at home with one of the best home automation solutions!


One application countless possibilities

With the best cloud service in the world, user-friendly interface, scenes, bulk control, and much more, the Shelly Cloud application allows you to control your home from anywhere. Each Shelly can be integrated and works with all other Shelly devices in the Shelly app.


For Developers

Shelly Uni is open to the world and developers. Shelly devices are secured but, at the same time, allow everyone to use them easily in new and existing projects. With the embedded web server and HTTP commands, Shelly can be made compatible with your existing home automation system.

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